Vision Brooklin Residential Complex – Gafisa

Potain Crane allows fast pace and low noise in the Berrini area!

07 February 7th, 2011.

The main companies in Brazil have offices near the construction site where Gafisa is building the residential complex Vision Brooklin. And even though there is no heavy traffic in the area of 362 George Ohn street, due to how close the construction is to the highly value Eng. Luís Carlos Berrini avenue – São Paulo’s current financial center – the contractor is permanently taking actions to minimize the construction’s impact on its neighbors.

A construction with interferences and a high amount of people in the vicinity.

Mechanical engineer Heitor Monterisi tells us that when the Contractor first presented its requirements to carry out the project – that includes 266 apartments and three 27-floor integrated towers – Locabens’ technical department immediately recommended the technology of Potain Cranes. “The construction would take place in a highly valued area, with a huge amount of people, buildings, companies, and residences surrounding the land. In such scenario, only Potain’s MC line could offer high-level performance and low noise emission at the quality level required by Gafisa,” remembers the engineer.

The exclusive representative of Potain – the biggest crane producer in the world – Locabens has over 55 years of experience in crane leasing, selling, and specialized maintenance for civil and industrial construction, in addition to having developed projects to implement cranes in oil rigs, hydroelectric power stations, bridges, factories, shopping malls, buildings, and countless other projects all over Latin America and Africa. According to Monterisi, the limited space at the construction site and the need to carry out the entire vertical movement work in less than 13 months were also key factors that led to the recommendation of the adaptable crane Potain MC-85. “That model, in addition to being compact, versatile, and very fast during operations, also brings additional benefits: fast expansion of the tower, turning and translation accuracy, and low power consumption”, he explains. “In October, we implemented the crane at a central position at the back side of the land and with a jib length that provides access to the whole area. After one year, we will retrieve the equipment and a single crane will have operated non-stop to build 3 towers at the same time,” he celebrates.

Vision is planned to be ready in August/2012, and the building system used by Gafisa, in addition to its high speed and quality, also enables options so that owners may customize the design and finish of their units. That is something that only who chooses the best material, staff, and equipment can offer.

Work: Vision Brooklin Residential Complex.
Model:residential building.
Location:rua George Ohn, nº 362, Brooklin,  São Paulo – SP.
Builder company:Gafisa SA.
area: 38,642 sq. ft.; with 3 towers, 266 units ranging from 560 to 1184 sq. ft. and one, two, or three bedrooms. 360 ft. long indoor and heated swimming pool, recreational swimming pool, solarium, bbq area with pizza baking oven, entrance square, Zen garden and hammock area, Collective kitchen for events, party square, recreation room, business center, sauna, stone garden, and orchard.
Crane rental:1 MC-85 Potain.
Specificities and
unmatched cost-benefit ratio, mainly if you consider 1 crane is used for 3 towers. Equipment has low power consumption and noise.
Start of work
end of October/2010.
End of rent