Luffing Jib Cranes

Accurate load transportation in small spaces.

Due to the fact they offer a large load capacity and a bit less agility in comparison with horizontal jib cranes, mobile jib cranes are the ideal solution for vertical transportation in areas with interferences and the requirement for restricted movement.

For years, Locabens has built up an unmatched expertise by deploying and operating mobile jib cranes in places such as urban areas, chemical factories, refineries, oil platforms, and in other projects where accuracy is vital.

When it comes to renting cranes, Locabens stands out for having an operational infrastructure organized to operate in all areas of South America, in addition to the largest fleet in Brazil, comprised of equipment with average “ages” lower than 4 years and models equipped with cutting edge technology.

Locabens is Potain’s – global leader in crane production – exclusive representative and markets all of Potain’s mobile jib crane models. Items ready for delivery or customized.

Get to know the technical features of the main mobile jib crane models found in Locaben’s portfolio. And contact our technical department to obtain additional info on other models, projects for special applications, and special conditions for rentals and purchases.

Liebherr 90/18042m8000Kg42m2250Kgdownload
Potain / MCR160A53,4m10000kg50m2400kg
Potain / MR22056,4m12000kg50m3250kg
Potain / MCR225A56,4m14000kg55m2150kgdownload