Horizontal Jib Crane

Agility and performance assured by Potain’s quality.

Gruas de lança horizontal

The horizontal jib crane is the safest, most agile, versatile, and safe equipment for the transportation of big loads during civil construction and industrial assembly projects. That is why it has become a vital component in the projects carried out in the 21st century.

In addition to the speed with each they can move any type of load within a large radius and in an accurate fashion, horizontal jib crane models offer the best ratio between structural dimensions and load capacity. And by means of well planned deployment, they offer an unparalleled cost-benefit ratio for projects of all sizes, whether rented or, depending on the project’s characteristics, purchased.

When it comes to renting cranes, Locabens stands out for having an operational infrastructure organized to operate in all areas of South America, in addition to the largest fleet in Brazil, comprised of equipment with average “ages” lower than 4 years and models equipped with cutting edge technology.

In addition to that, Locabens is Potain’s – global leader in crane production – exclusive representative and markets all of Potain’s horizontal jib crane models (ready for delivery or customized).

Get to know the technical features of the main horizontal jib crane models found in Locaben’s portfolio. And contact our technical department to obtain additional info on other models, projects for special applications, and special conditions for rental and purchase.

Potain / MC4531,8m2000kg35m1000kgdonwload
Potain / MC65A40,7m2500kg45m1000kgdownload
Potain / MCi85A34,5m (Especial até 48m)5000kg50m1300kgdownload
Potain / MCT8534,5m (Especial até 69m)5000kg52m1100kgdownload
Potain / MC115B44,0m (Especial até 62m)6000kg55m1600kgdownload
Potain / MC12544,0m (Especial até 62m)6000kg60m1150kgdownload
Potain / MC175B44,0m (Especial até 62m)10000kg60m1400kgdownload
Potain / MC205B38,5m (Especial até 62m)10000kg60m2400kgdownload
Potain / MD235A49,5m12000kg65m1850kgdownload
Potain / MC310K1252,4m12000kg70m3200kgdownload
Potain / MC47574,91m25000kg80m3000kgdownload