Everyday Club e Office in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo

Potain cranes’ load curve offers an
economic advantage thanks to simple deployment.

February 14th, 2011.

The first condo/club built downtown Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, is in its conclusion stage, and the engineering team has plenty to be happy about. The towers of Everyday Residencial Club e Office Guarulhos will be concluded next June, and in addition to the high speed of the construction, the simplicity with which the cranes have been assembled and disassembled was key to define the contractors’ – Even and Rossi – choice when it came to the technology of the vertical movement equipment.

Four towers have been built – 3 residential ones and a business one – in a 74,270 sq. ft. area. For this project, Locabens – the company responsible for the crane installation and renting project – recommended the use of two Potain MCi85A cranes, which started their operations 113 ft. above ground, on towers installed on the ground using anchor bolts, and reached over 242 ft. of practical height at the hook, at the final work stage, once the equipment had been extended. Locabens’ technical director, Paulo Carvalho, explained that, due to space restrictions and in order to increase the crane’s load capacity, it is a common procedure to install crane towers in the well where the elevators will be installed (lift deployment) in many projects located in urban areas. According to Paulo, such installation requires more time, both to deploy and to disassemble the crane. “The distinguishing technological features of Potain cranes were also decisive in allowing the deployment option we offered the contractors. MCi85A have load curves that are so superior to those offered by the competition that it was possible to deploy them in a conventional fashion – outside the buildings – and still offer high performance,” he explained. “Thanks to the Potain cranes, the clients made sure they would have an excellent operational result – and safety – and also got good economic benefits by decreasing equipment assembly and disassembly time and costs,” assured Paulo.

The construction site is currently in its final stages and no longer houses the Potain cranes. However, when the last piece of equipment was removed, in January, Everyday’s towers already included all 342 apartments and 352 business units, in addition to 2 auditoriums on the ground floor and 8 independent stores. Inauguration is expected to take place in the first semester of 2011.

WorkCondomínio Everyday Residencial Club e Office Guarulhos.
Model:mixed building condo (residential and commercial).
Location:Av. Tiradentes and Rua Força Pública – Guarulhos, Sao Paulo.
Builder company:Even Construtora e Incorporadora S/A e Rossi Construtora e Incorporadora.
Features:74,948 sq. ft., 4 towers. 3 residential ones: 342 units ranging from 861 to 1,108 sq. ft, 3 or 4 bedrooms, and social facilities such as swimming pools, recreation room, sport court, square, assembly room, and meeting room.  Commercial tower: 352 units ranging from 441 to 850 sq. ft., 02 auditoriums, and 8 stores.
Crane rental:02 Potain MCi85A.
Specificities and justification:Potain MCi85A cranes with 131 ft. long jibs. Fast, versatile, and with excellent operational performance, low power consumption, low noise emission, fast tower telescoping, and unparalleled load curves, which enabled them to be deployed using nothing more than anchor bolts.
Start of work:10/11/09 – crane tower 1 e 10/01/10 – crane tower 2.
End of rent:04/01/2011.