Hydroelectric Power Station Dardanelos

Locabens cooperates with PAC program in Amazon

January 26, 2009

PAC (“Economy Growing Acceleration Program”) forecasts great investments in power generation and energy transmission, basic condition for economy growing. According to the latest official published data, it is planned for 32 billion BRL to be invested in power generation for the next 02 years.

In order to grow renewable energy production in Brazil, PAC program has planned to build 06 new hydraulic plants with potential for more than 4,000 megawattz / hour of production.

The first unit has just been opened in São Salvador, south of Tocantins state, 420 Km from the capital – Palmas. Budgeted in 848 million BRL, the project created 12,000 jobs (directly and indirectly) and when all generators are on, this unit will supply energy for a 630,000 people city.

Another important project that has received investments from PAC is Dardanelos, a fall complex with more than 150 meters high water falls in Arapuanã in Mato Grosso state.

The job site started in September 2007 with 283 million BRL of BNDES bank investment. A 735 million BRL is planned. When it is finished the unit will be operated by “Energética Águas da Pedra” ( 51% Neo Energia / 24,5% CHESF / 24,5% Eletronorte) and will generate more than 260 megawattz / hour.

The work is being done by Odebrecht and one of its biggest concerns is the social-environment impact in Arapuanã city. Hélio César Monti, Engineering superintendent of Eletronorte, says: “This hydroelectric plant will be done without any environment impacts and mostly because this project doesn’t have an artificial lake (reservoir). All falls will be preserved”. He has emphasized that there is a big difference between a regular Dam and a “fio d’água” (Water Slide) one. In this particular case, the structure uses the constant river’s flow and it is not necessary to dam water.

Odebrecht has an equipment department that supplies the majority of the equipment needed. In the case of tower cranes, Odebrecht uses some from its own fleet and hires Locabens to supply others as well.

The technical director of Locabens Paulo Carvalho said “ Our company has supplied tower cranes for more than 30 Dams. With 35 years of experience in tower cranes rental Locabens can supply the appropriate solution for any kind of project”. “ For this specific one, the most appropriate was a Potain MC175B traveling, mostly because of its versatility and its fast assembly method”. “It’s the biggest model of Potain’s “city crane” range available in our fleet”. This model has some relevant characteristics such as easy and fast assembly, specially considering the place where the job site is.

In August / 2008 the MC175B was assembled on the traveling line in order to work in “Power House” construction. The project will use 05 Voith Siemens francis turbines, 04 of 58 MW/h and 01 of 29 MW/h.

The Engineer of Locabens technical department Heitor Monterizi said, “This tower crane can lift 8 tons of maximum capacity and 04 tons in the jib end (40m).” “This model can be assembled with maximum 60m and 44m height. The model can answer all requests of this project.”

The original schedule is for the first turbine starts in January/10, but the public prosecutor of Mato Grosso state has ordered to stop the construction activities in order to discuss environmental impacts. Thru press release, NEO energia stated “It is a shame that this kind of paralyzation, specially now when Brazil needs to enlarge the energy generation…”

The “Ministério de Minas e Energia” informed that all projects connected to Dardanelos and other hydraulic projects have environmental permits and none of them had faced any prevention until the Arapuana´s prosecutor’s decision.

Among all hydroelectric projects of PAC, the federal communication department has informed that apart from São Salvador and Dardanelos, some others are in good speed, Estreito (TO-MA), Foz do Chapecó (SC/RS), Simplício (MG/RJ) and CorumbáIII (MT).

Two years after PAC was launched, more than 2,000 other projects started “to get out of the paper”. In energy area, PAC will concentrate the biggest part of the projects in middle-west with 1.03 Billion BRL and south-east with 998 million BRL. Only in Rondonia, Acre and Mato Grosso there will be from 1 billion of BRL up to 2013.

Potain MC175B – Travelling
170 metric tons
40 meters Jib (Up to 60m)
44 meters Hight without anchorages
Maximun 8t
Load @ 40m: 4t