The traditional neighborhood of “Ipiranga” in São Paulo was chosen to receive 7 residential buildings project located in the corner of “labor” and “Manifesto” streets.

Even has been elected the biggest construction company of São Paulo state for the second consecutive year and expects to finish this project in February of 2011. To reach this ambitious goal, Even will count with the latest construction methods and the best equipment available in the market.

In order to do this they will count with Locabens team and their equipment, 03 Potain MC115B with 44 to 120m height and 50m jib.

“In this job site in Ipiranga, we found the ideal technical requirements for the MC115B’s implementation. Each crane supplies 02 buildings and it brings the most economical solution with the necessary performance for the timeline.” said Paulo Carvalho, Technical Director of Locabens. He says that the MC115B’s can lift 2,2 tons at 50m jib and 6 tons of maximum load. “The market for the 120 m.t class is growing in São Paulo” he adds.

According to Secovi-SP (A construction syndicate entity in São Paulo), the new residential buildings market in São Paulo has performed better than the expectations for 2009, with 35,8 thousand units sold, 9,1% of growing comparing to the previous year. SECOVI expects 15% of sales growth in 2010, based on all projects launch in the state.

As a leader in the tower cranes rentals, sales and services, Locabens is participating intensively in this market, growing its fleet and investing in staff and training.

“Since early 2010, 03 new MC115B’s have arrived of 10 ordered for this year. Our fleet will consist of 150 tower cranes up to the end of the first semester. More important than new equipment, our goal is to offer the right equipment for each customer’s needs”, said André Lacerda – Sales Administration coordinator of Locabens.