A single Potain crane to build 3 towers

Novo Jardim VIP condominium, by MAC, requires high performance in construction in the “ABC” region of Sao Paulo.

January 09 2012.

Those who see the 3 towers MAC Construtora e Incorporadora has erected in the Jardim neighborhood, in the city of Santo Andre, does not believe that the entire project, in its final construction stage, has been carried out using a single tower crane. But all one has to do is identify and signature of the equipment and of the company responsible for renting and operating the authentic Potain crane to understand the technical advantages that contributed to the project’s success.

According to Locabens technical director, Paulo Carvalho, the seriousness with which the Sao Paulo-based contractor manages its commitment regarding quality and deadlines before its clients was a critical factor for strengthening the commercial relationship between MAC and Locabens. “We are the exclusive representatives of the world’s top crane producer – Potain – and our fleet of equipment for rent has, in average, less than 3 years of use, a condition which, undoubtedly, gives much safety to those responsible for projects with MAC’s quality standards and target audience,” states Paulo. “In addition to that, Locabens’ service structure not only develops the deployment project, but also offers the best professionals to operate the vertical movement of loads inside the site. Furthermore, it provides ongoing technical assistance. A set of unique features that results in efficiency and agility for the benefit of the project,” he states.

In the 10,900 m² construction site where MAC is soon to deliver 256 high-end apartments, Locabens has deployed an MCi85A Potain crane. This model of tower crane is unbeatable in its category, whether comparing load capacity and movement agility or regarding Sustainability-related features, such as minimized noise emissions and less power consumption, among others. “The crane that operates in this MAC site was deployed conventionally, directly on the ground, by means of anchor bolts, and with anchorages on the outer face of the tower to be named Magnólia, precisely to be able to offer accurate reach within the perimeter of all 3 buildings, using the larger jib setting for the model, with a 50 m radius,” explains Paulo. “That type of deployment, with such setting and for the application required in the project in Santo Andre, was only possible thanks to the technical quality of Potain cranes, which assure an excellent load curve, high operating performance, and reliability,” he concluded.

The Contractor intends to conclude the entire project in November 2012; however, the work to be performed by the equipment rented by Locabens is to be concluded much sooner. And in February, when the Potain crane is disassembled, less than 20% of the total planned schedule will be pending, with only internal facilities and finish services to be performed.

Work: Novo Jardim Vip.
Model: residential building condominium.
Location: avenue Dom Pedro II, nº 3003, Jardim, Santo André – SP.
Builder company: MAC Construtora e Incorporadora.
high-end residential condominium, built in a 10,900 m² area. Three buildings: Lírio, Amarílis, and Magnólia. The first will be 22-storey high, while the other two will be 21. Overall, there will be 256 residential units and several pieces of equipment for leisure, in areas shared by all 3 towers.
Crane rental 01 Potain MC85A crane.
Specificities and
high performance horizontal jib crane, for use in urban settings. Upward deployment, tower size: 1.2 m² x up to 100-meter high, with 50 m jibs. Load capacity between 5 t (15 m radius from tower) and 1.3 t, in largest radius, 50m from tower.
High operating speed and versatility of tower telescoping, with an excellent ratio among: operating performance x power consumption x noise emission.
Start of work(implementation): December 2010.
End of rent
February 2012.

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