A lesson in versatility in the state of Para

Gafisa uses crane Potain to speed up a construction in the city of Belem.

January 10th, 2011.

The construction at the site where Gafisa is building the condo Reserva Ibiapaba, in Belem, started in the first semester of 2010; however, it was in September that the construction of the tower became faster – so fast as to astonish the local community. In addition to the ability of the company’s entire construction team, the variety of operations that the horizontal jib crane Potain MC-85 is capable of performing also stood out in the construction.

The equipment was deployed by Locabens to meet the large volume of vertical movement operations required for building the 3 towers – 16 storeys each – and, according to engineer Heitor Monterisi, the project was planned to provide an unparalleled return on the investment made to rent the crane. “We sent an quick and robust model, with all the embedded technology that only authentic Potain cranes have,” he commented. “Crane MC-85, which we deployed in the district of Marambaia, will meet the required demand with a low power consumption and minimum environmental noise,” he explains.

The construction’s architectural project is based on the culture of the Marajoara and Tapajos indians, and will have 261 apartments in total. The construction is set to be concluded in January/2012, “but the crane will have finished its work way before the procession of the Candles of Nazareth, in October!” Says Heitor, from Locabens.