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Largest fleet of rental cranes in Latin America

Locabens is based in São Paulo and it covers the whole country and Latin America. Due to constant training programs Locabens has highly prepared professionals in tower cranes implantation.

With more than 55 years in this business, Locabens serves many kinds of construction sites such as industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings, refineries, oil platforms, dams, bridges and other special projects.

rental cranes in latin america


Potain – Manitowoc


Locabens is the exclusive Potain dealer in Brazil and apart from renting equipment, providing services and supplying parts, Locabens also sells new and used Potain tower cranes, the world`s biggest tower cranes manufacturer.

Alimak Hek


With the merger of Alimak (Swedish Company leader in rack and pinion hoists) and HEK (Dutch Company Leader in work platforms) as well as the acquisition of Champion Elevators (Company Leader in America for rack and pinion hoists) Alimak Hek has consolidated itself in the world market with a strong presence in 5 continents and with agents and distributors in more than 100 countries.


What We Do

tower crane and lift rental and operations

Tower Crane and Lift Rental and Operations

Locabens is the exclusive dealer of POTAIN and ALIMAK HEK in Brazil having the biggest tower crane fleet in the country.

maintenance and comissioning

Maintenance and Comissioning

Since professionalism is one of the keys to productivity and safety Locabens has well-trained workers who are all qualified by Potain and Alimak-Hek.

projects and planning

Projects and Planning

Our engineering department performs various services such as, Technical support for crane bases and foundations and Tie-in planning and projects.



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Vila Olímpica – RIO 2016 – 25GRUASMC85

Tecnisa – Jardim das Perdizes – MC125 – MC175

Serra do Cafezal – Paraná – MC175

Ponte Vitória – RICHIER240 – 1979

Ponte Hercílio Luz – SC – MC205 – MC85

Ponte Castelo Branco – SP – MC310K12

Ponte BRT – RIO – MC125

Petrobrás – Replan – 90180

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P62 – MC125

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P54 – 300C

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P53 – 300C

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P50 – 300C

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P48-300C-90180

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P43-300C-90180

Petrobrás – Plataforma – P47-90180-240

P4 – Alphaville – MC125

Odebrecht – Rio Hotel – MC125

Odebrecht – Parque da Cidade – MCR225 – MC175

Odebrecht – Ponte Orinoco – Venezuela – MD560

OAS Salvador – MC125

OAS – Ponte Estaiada – MC85 – SP

Mendes Junior – UNILA – Foz do Iguaçu – MC125

Matec PQ da Cidade – MC475 – MC465 – MC310 – MCT205

Estaleiro Vard PE – MCR225

Estaleiro Jurong – 02MC475

Estadio Engenhão – Projeto Especial

Corinthians – Projeto especial

Camargo Correa – Ponte Rio Negro AM MC235