At PDG’s works, Locabens cranes are the preferred allies

Potain’s MCi85A cranes were used to build
the Aquarella Pari buildings in Sao Paulo.

January 14, 2013.

One of São Paulo’s largest residential developments, currently in its last construction stage, the Aquarella Pari housing estate is being built on a 7682 m² area located near the left bank highways of the river Tietê. It has definitely changed the landscape of the region, which still features lower buildings and houses, and it announces a new urban reality to those arriving into town by the BR-116, BR-381 and SP-70 highways. And, as on many other works PDG has completed in 70 cities in Brazil and Argentina, on the construction site of São Paulo’s small district Pari, two authentic Potain horizontal jib cranes had been in charge of the vertical transportation of loads since December 2011.

PDG professionals have learned to trust Locabens’ rental equipment fleet over the years. However, according to the engineer Marco Carminatti, Locabens’ business manager, more quality and new solutions need to be offered to every new project to contribute to the success of the company’s business ventures. “Operating cranes and Alimak Hek rack and pinion elevators on PDG construction sites is a commitment that requires the latest equipment, the planning skills and the expertise of our entire team, and that is renewed on every venture we take on”, he says. “We have installed and operated cranes and rack and pinion elevators on PDG construction sites in Bahia, Pará and São Paulo, among other states, and the initial demand of all ventures always includes Potain cranes, Alimak Hek elevators and high-performance to be applied in urban environments”, he explains.

At the construction site, which already features two huge 18-story towers, Locabens’ project team in charge of installing, anchoring and operating cranes recommended the Potain crane model MCi85A, which, according to Carminatti, is the most widely used tower crane on urban construction sites. “This crane has a tower section of 1.2 m² and is very versatile in terms of transportation, a feature that significantly reduces its operational costs”, explains the engineer. “The installation of MCi85A cranes is easy and offers a large variety of alternatives, all of which are safe and highly operational. Potain’s telescopic system is extremely fast and advantages such as speed and reduced power consumption complete the package of benefits of rental cranes we recommend for this PDG venture, and which we also sell as Potain’s exclusive representatives in Brazil“, he concludes.

With 100% of the foundation and structure works completed and almost 90% of the masonry ready, PDG’s mega towers, which host 296 apartments, took leave from Locabens’ cranes in late 2012. However, in the first half of 2013, Locabens is going to install a significant number of elevators and cranes on PDG construction sites in São Paulo, Paraná, Bahia, Pará and Amazonas.

Work: Aquarella Pari Condo.
Model: gated community with 2 towers.
Location: Joaquim Carlos street, 1200, Pari, São Paulo – SP.
Builder company: PDG.
residential development featuring 296 units, 55.31 m² and 75.48 m², distributed in two 18‑story towers. Architectural project by MCAA.
Crane rental 02 Potain tower cranes MCi85A.
Specificities and
horizontal jib crane Potain used in urban environments. Implantation with fixed feet anchor bolts and tower dimension of 1.20m². Load capacity between 5 t and 1.2 t at the largest radius. High operating speed, versatility and mobility on rails, with excellent relationship between: load curve x power consumption x noise emission.
Start of work(implementation): June 2011.
End of rent
December 2012.

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